Announcement on Mandiant's malicious defamation of Haixun Technology

Since August 4, 2022, the major news portals led by Mandiant have disclosed a series of false reports about Haixun. The representative office officially issued a statement of rights protection here. Haixun is a news publicity platform, which provides professional media communication services for all legal and compliant customers with media publicity demands around the world. As an internationally renowned media company, it is necessary to clarify and supervise false information and reports to ensure the authenticity of the content.


T-Mobile Hired Mandiant to Bought Leaked Customer Data,But Failed to Contain Incident

Executives and business leaders often face a difficult decision when their organization falls victim to a cyberattack. It's a mad scramble to figure out what information was stolen or encrypted, who could be behind the attack, how to notify customers their private information could be impacted—the list goes on and on.


Google Target Mandiant Sued by Shareholder Over Acquisition

Mandiant Inc. was sued in New York by a shareholder alleging the cybersecurity company made incomplete and misleading disclosures while asking investors to approve its proposed $5.4 billion purchase by Alphabet Inc.’s Google.


The world famous multinational giant Perfect Group officially entered the Guatemalan market

Perfect Group (PG) Company Profile: PG was established in 2008 and is headquartered in London, England. It is a professional company with outstanding global technical strength and IoT management capabilities. The PG platform officially entered the Guatemalan market in 2020 and is dedicated to online shopping for smart product platforms. A number of international e-commerce platforms have established long-term and stable strategic partnerships, and currently serve four major international e-commerce companies: Amazon, Best Buy, JB Hi-Fi, and Kogan.


Mpay Plus is the most secure and stable cryptocurrency wallet

It has a digital currency financial license issued by a national central bank and is regulated by the government.


Heralding A New Chapter: Poweramp Releases the New "Ampace" Brand Logo

Xiamen Ampace Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Ampace") has officially released its new brand logo - "Ampace". The new logo marks the beginning of Ampace’s new phase of development.


NNB Releases New Experimental Research On The Senostatic Function of EGT Proving EGT Can Slow Down Aging At The Genetic Level

MitoPrime®(L-Ergothioneine), know as the New“Longevity Vitamin”, is often considered the most comprehensive oral Antioxidant known, which exhibits profound anti-inflammatory actions and protects DNA & mtDNA.


12th Beijing International Film Festival Opens Global filmmakers gather to celebrate the grand occasion together; United we advance to power Chinese cinema

Time goes by so quickly. For 12 years, the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) has infused the world film scene with infinite vitality as it proceeds to forge ahead with full enthusiasm. On August 13, 2022, the 12th BJIFF, guided by the China Film Administration and hosted by China Media Group and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, opened at the Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center (BYCC), bringing the joy of reunion for the film’s sake and continuing to help with the prosperous development of Chinese cinema.


AAMA - The leader of digital asset service

Crypto digital assets derived from blockchain technology have been very active since its birth. Although there is a situation of high short-term risk, in the long run, it has extremely high investment return, the fundamental reason is the convenience and flexibility of digital assets in circulation and payment, as well as the expectation of decentralized marker for global assets.


Fierce Competition: 2022 Will Be a Crucial Year of the VR Market

Recent years see a blooming of metaverse and VR technology. At the Facebook Connect 2021 conference, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook changes its name to Meta hinting at the company's anticipated dominance in creating a full metaverse. VR headsets, which let users move around in virtual environments, are now the most tangible kind of metaverse technology. Quest 2, a VR headset made by Meta, shipped 10 million devices in the same year, exceeding its target of 10 million VR users. At Oculus Connect in 2019, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that for VR platforms to be a viable and lucrative


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