“Flourishing Time of Loong at Pear Town”- Successful Sessions of Yangxin County 4th Village Evening Reception Launching Ceremony and Laodian Town Public Village Evening Party




Good shows were displaying at all villages to celebrate the Chinese New Year. In the evening of February 2, “Flourishing Time of Loong at Pear Town” of Yangxin County 4th Village Evening Reception Launching Ceremony and Laodian Town Public Village Evening Party were successfully held on the Laodian Town Folk Art and Intangible Heritage Cultural Square. Government officials attended this ceremony, including: Wang Min, Member of the Yangxin County Committee, Head of the Publicity Department and Head of the United Front Department; Chang Minmin, Vice Minister of the Yangxin Country Committee in charge of daily affairs, Party Secretary and Dean of the Yangxin County Media Convergence Center; Ma Zhenhua, Vice Minister of the Yangxin County Publicity Department, Party Secretary of the Yangxin County Cultural and Touristic Bureau; Gao Min, Vice Minister of the Yangxin County Committee Publicity Department, Secretary of the Working Committee directly under the Yangxin County Committee and authorities; Wu Zhenxiang, Secretary of Youth League County Committee; and Liu Jianwei, Secretary of the Party Committee

As the flaming bonfire ignited on the site, Wang Min gave an opening address to the ceremony, declaring the formal initiation of Yangxin County 4th Village Evening Reception.


Amid the celebrating sound of gongs and drums of “Rising Loong and Leaping Tiger in Chinese New Year”, the show started, which were named as three chapters: Review on 2023 and set sail in 2024; experience changes, report and tribute to villagers; call on wanderers to empower and revitalize the county. It was a special feast of vision and audition established with a variety of performances.


College students returning to Laodian County performed the “Youth Overture” under the name of youth in their hometown; “Opera in Chorus”, Xihe Drum “Praise over Yangxin” and the ancient dance performance “Charm of China Ink” displayed fruitful results of Yangxin County in propagating traditional cultures and passing on folk arts and intangible heritage; the Laodian County Chamber of Commerce had invited the Chinese Pagoda Talent “Iron Chin” Sun Chaoyang to give a brilliant pagoda show for the county fellows; the comic dialogue “I Have Money” was successful to make the audience burst into laughter; the square dance team of Dazhuang Village recommended themselves by performing the ghost step dance “3rd Subject” that fueled the passion of the audience. Everyone danced around the bonfire and heatedly celebrated the advent of the Northern Small Year.


In the end of the show, performers saluted to the motherland and hometown with songs, regarding “Motherland, Hometown, Family” as the emotional thread. The song “Nation” delivered the wishes of Chinese people saying “Families must be only born with their country. Let’s go home to celebrate the New Year”; the short video “Go Home and Celebrate the New Year” have compiled blessings of all Yangxin talents working outside the county, while calling them to “go back home and empower and revitalize the hometown”. The ceremony was slowly dropping the curtain in the background of the song “Go Home Often”.


It has been reported that the Yangxin County will highlight the three phased topics of “Welcome the Chinese New Year with good shows in all villages”, “Celebrate the Spring Festival in the hometown” and “New scenes of Loong in the village”. It carefully organized and launched 15 abundant and characteristic key activities of county level, namely “Rich taste of the New Year in celebrating the community activities”, “Youth and Me - the Spring Festival Prelude is going on”, etc., as well as over 70 featured activities in the township (streets). All these activities stressed on presenting characteristic folk customs, establishing rich taste of the New Year, displaying new looks of the grassroots, and encouraging spirits of the population.

The series of the activities will continue for 54 days, enabling the large number of residents and tourists to experience the all-round cultural attractions and happy taste of the New Year with Yangxin characteristics during the Spring Festival.

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