What are the structural requirements of Custom Inflatable Medical Tents


      In fact, inflatable air tents are divided into different structural methods, which can be divided into single-room structure and hall-tent structure in detail; the space of single-room structure is generally planned only for sleeping, and the focus is on reducing the volume and weight. The canopy with a canopy structure is a door and canopy outside the sleeping space. In addition to being more superior in wind and rain, it also provides space for the existence of equipment.

      Inflatable air tent is first used for emergency rescue of flood disasters such as Rongxing, civil affairs, red cross and sanitation. Generally, an inflatable Custom Inflatable Medical Tents system consists of more than two hundred flat tent groups. Both the tent tarpaulin and the lining have a good waterproof function. The lining is generally a cotton lining, which has the effect of thermal insulation. The curved door can ensure that there is no water in front of the door, and the door and the door can complete the watertight connection.
      The supporting equipment of Custom Inflatable Medical Tents is very complete, can be put into use in various climatic conditions and can get used to a wide range of temperature changes.
     Custom Inflatable Medical Tents can play a special role in disaster areas. In the case of poor medical conditions in the disaster area, Custom Inflatable Medical Tents can serve well as a "temporary hospital", fully exert the effect of disaster relief, and provide convenient and safe treatment conditions for citizens in the vast disaster area.


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