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Main use: engineering
The steel formwork can be placed before or after the installation of reinforcement. If it is placed before the installation of reinforcement, it is easy to place and install; The pouring process of concrete can be visualized, so as to reduce the risk of porosity and honeycomb structure;
Scope of application of steel formwork:
1. Various steels required for processing and manufacturing of steel formwork; The appearance quality and steel material must conform to the national standard of the rear steel, and the carbon content of the steel should be strictly controlled when necessary;
2. In the process of steel formwork processing, the treatment of panel corners must be preferentially bent on the bending machine. If there is no requirement for the fillet radius, 1.5 times of the steel plate thickness shall be taken as the bending radius value;

Steel structure formwork:
Model: 3245. Material: Q235;
Origin: Chengdu. Production mode: welding;
Boundary dimension: 1000 * 1500mm, width 1000mm;
Tensile strength: 500MPa~590MPa, executive standard: national standard;
Reduction of area ψ (%): 5453, yield strength: strong;
Weight: 40kg, thickness: 2.5-8.0mm;
Length: 1500mm-2000mm, processing service: customized samples;
Quality grade: Grade A, elongation δ 5(%):4564;
Support processing customization, welcome to contact us for consultation;

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