Push Trolley Type Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers


The trolley type dry powder extinguisher is suitable for fighting petroleum products, paints and organic solvent fires. It can inhibit the chain reaction of combustion and extinguish the fire. It is also suitable for extinguishing liquid, gas and electrical fires (dry powder has an electrical insulation performance of 50,000 volts or more). Some can also extinguish solid fires. Dry powder extinguishers cannot extinguish light metal fires. Typical application places: buildings, shopping malls, factories, hotels, warehouses, institutions, schools, office buildings, vehicles, ships,  etc.

Cart type dry powder extinguisher product overview: the dry powder extinguisher is a kind of efficient fire extinguisher, which is filled with full siliconized ammonium phosphate dry powder extinguishing agent and uses nitrogen as the driving pressurizing gas. It has the advantages of high fire extinguishing efficiency, good fluidity, non-toxic, tasteless and good insulation. It is an indispensable fire fighting equipment for fighting fire at the beginning. Advantages of dry powder fire extinguisher: ① It is relatively effective and can be eliminated at the early stage of fire, realizing early suppression and reducing losses. ② The system is simple, low cost, small footprint, no need for power supply and complex electrical control equipment and pipelines, effectively avoiding the possibility of wrong action. ③ Small consumption, low cost and strong practicability.

Chongqing Lijie Fire Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, the only national development zone in China's interior, and was established in 2008 as a young and dynamic enterprise. The company's management and technical layer have rich experience in fire-fighting, and is a modern comprehensive enterprise with product development, manufacturing, technical service capability and qualification in fire-fighting facilities engineering design, installation, maintenance and testing. The product structure is dominated by fire extinguishing products, covering heptafluoropropane gas fire extinguishing systems, carbon dioxide gas fire extinguishing systems, ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing devices, fixed foam fire extinguishing systems, automatic sprinkler systems, fire hydrant boxes, fire reels, fire extinguisher boxes and fire extinguishers, etc., which are widely used in various industries such as communications, electric power, banks, transportation, hotels, schools, libraries and theatres. The company is actively expanding its fire-fighting facilities engineering business, and can undertake the construction and maintenance of various types of fire-fighting facilities projects such as automatic fire alarm systems, automatic sprinkler systems, emergency lighting and evacuation indication systems, fire doors and fire shutter systems, fire sealing and fire coating projects, etc., which are widely recognized by the community. We know that quality is the life of an enterprise and service is the cornerstone of trust. Chongqing Lijie Fire Engineering Co., Ltd. will follow the business philosophy of "quality for survival, technology for progress, production for efficiency, reputation for development", create high-quality services, and strive to build a fire protection enterprise that is trusted by customers, respected by society and has a wide impact.


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