Mechanical Seal


Normal operation and maintenance of mechanical seal:

1. Preparations and precautions before startup

a. Comprehensively check whether the mechanical seals, auxiliary devices and pipelines are installed completely and meet the technical requirements.

b. The static pressure test shall be carried out before the mechanical seal is started to check whether the mechanical seal leaks. If there are many leaks, find out the causes and try to eliminate them. If it is still invalid, it shall be disassembled for inspection and reinstalled. The general hydrostatic test pressure is 2~3 kg/cm2.   

c. Turn the gear according to the rotation direction of the pump and check whether it is light and even. If the turning gear is hard or does not move, check whether the assembly size is wrong and whether the installation is reasonable.   

2. Installation and shutdown

a. Keep the sealing chamber full of liquid before starting. When transporting the solidified medium, the sealing chamber shall be heated with steam to melt the medium. The turning gear must be turned before starting to prevent the soft ring from breaking due to sudden starting.   

b. For the mechanical seal using the external oil sealing system of the pump, the oil sealing system shall be started first. Stop the oil sealing system finally after shutdown.   

c. After the hot oil pump is shut down, the cooling water of the seal oil chamber and the end face seal cannot be stopped immediately. The cooling water can only be stopped when the oil temperature at the end face seal drops below 80 degrees to avoid damaging the sealing parts.   

3. Operation

a. If there is slight leakage after the pump is started, observe for a period of time. If the leakage does not decrease after 4 hours of continuous operation, stop the pump for inspection.

b. The operating pressure of the pump shall be stable, and the pressure fluctuation shall not exceed 1kg/cm2.   

c. During the operation of the pump, evacuation shall be avoided to avoid dry friction of the sealing surface and seal damage.   

d. The sealing shall be checked frequently. During operation, when the leakage exceeds the standard, the heavy oil shall not exceed 5 drops/min and the light oil shall not exceed 10/min. If there is no improvement trend within 2-3 days, the pump shall be stopped and the sealing device shall be checked.

(1) Concept of mechanical seal:

1. Mechanical seal is a device used to solve the fluid medium seal between rotating shaft and engine body.

2. Mechanical seal is a device to prevent fluid leakage, which is composed of at least one pair of end faces perpendicular to the rotation axis, under the action of fluid pressure, elastic force (or magnetic force) of compensation mechanism and the cooperation of auxiliary seal.

(2) Use of mechanical seal: mechanical seal is commonly used in pump shaft, compressor, reactor, reaction agitator, fan and other rotary fluid machinery; It is also used for gear boxes, valves, rotary joints, ship stern shafts and other devices.

(3) Main parts and functions of mechanical seal:

1. Main parts: mechanical seal mainly consists of 5 parts:

(1) Compensation ring and non compensation ring constitute the main sealing surface, also called friction pair;

(2) The elastic element mainly constitutes the loading, compensating and buffering mechanism;

(3) Auxiliary seals (such as O-ring, skeleton oil seal, rectangular ring, V-ring, etc.);

(4) Transmission mechanism: a part connected with a rotating shaft and rotating with the same axis;

(5) Anti rotation mechanism: such as anti rotation screw, pin, flat key, etc.

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